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March 2018

hydraulic system of profile bending machine

Daily maintenance of hydraulic system of profile bending machine

The hydraulic system is the power source for the section bending of the profile bending machine, and its good working condition determines the quality and speed of the section bending. Correct use and reasonable maintenance and repair of the hydraulic system can not only extend the service life of the profile bending machine, but also reduce the maintenance cost.

angle flanges

2021: springback cause about the profile bending machine

Due to this elastic recovery, it is necessary to overbend the metal profile to achieve the required bending radius and bending angle.

The final bending radius and bending angle can be approximated from the thickness of the sheet, the K factor, the yield strength and elastic modulus of the metal profile, and the initial bending angle and bending radius.

Profile Bending Machine

W24S-600 Profile Bending Machine

W24S-600 profile bending machine with BIT cross-section bending combination mold can bend various profiles; the section bending machine in the picture is equipped with customized pipe molds to bend pipes, and the powerful hydraulic cylinder makes the bending of larger pipes change. It is working in a factory in the UAE.