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3 roller pipe bending machine

BIT’s series 3 Roller Pipe Bending Machine can bend the tube/pipe and other material profile, also called 3 Roll Profile bending Machine & Section Bender.

aluminum profile bending machine

B3D-13-3 CNC 3D Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Application B-3D-13-3 CNC aluminum profile bending machine is widely used in the bending of various non-standard metal aluminum profiles in building doors, windows, curtain walls,… Read More »B3D-13-3 CNC 3D Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Profile Bending Machine

W24S-600 Profile Bending Machine

W24S-600 profile bending machine with BIT cross-section bending combination mold can bend various profiles; the section bending machine in the picture is equipped with customized pipe molds to bend pipes, and the powerful hydraulic cylinder makes the bending of larger pipes change. It is working in a factory in the UAE.

Profile Bending Machine

W24S-500 Profile Bending Machine

W24S-500 profile bending machine is the large three-roll section bending machine.
Equipped with BIT’s unique section bending combination mold, which can bend different profiles with the greatest precision and minimal deformation. BIT section bending combination molds are easy to use and a quick-change configuration that guarantees quick replacement, which is very valuable for time-saving customers, because they often bend profiles of different sizes and types.