H & I Beams bending machines
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H & I Beams bending machines


H & I Beams bending machines
H & I Beams bending machines
ModelHard Way
(H - Beams)
Easy Way 
(I - Beams)
Minimum Inside Diameter
Minimum Inside Diameter
W24S-16  120600
W24S-45  140600



When a steel beam goes through the rolling process, it is strained past its yield point which usually causes some level of cross-sectional distortion. The procedure creates inelastic compression stresses in the steel that can cause cross-sectional distortion in the rolled steel beam. Distortion is the product of localized contact forces where the rollers of the machine contact the steel beam.

In order to avoid this problem BIT has been a pioneer during in beams bending machines to achieve the best bending results in terms of productivity and quality of the finished product.

BIT Serise beams bending machines capabilities cover metal and steel beams with widths of up to 20 inches and the full spectrum of beam types: I-Beams, W-Beams, Wide Flange Beams, S-Beams, Standard Beams, H-Beams.

About Beam Bending:

There are two primary methods used in beam bending applications, informally known as the "easy way" and the "hard way."

Bending Profiles H-Beams
Bending beam "hard way" and "easy way" (H & I Beams)

Bending beams and channels on the hard-way require a strong bending force because the section modulus along the x-x axis is always very large. Moreover the combination of the large bending forces required by the process with the relatively thin thickness of the beam cause the deformation of the web itself.

BIT serise beams bending machine be ensures even the most demanding beam forming projects are completed on time and to industry-required guidelines.


1. Rolls are hardened & made from high quality steel .

2. Drive shafts are hardened and ground with double taper roller bearing support .

3. Machine can be set up in horizontal or vertical working position .

4. Hydraulic lateral angle guide rolls ,Double pinch hydraulic forming rolls .

5. Dual adjustable lateral guidesRolls are driven via 3 separate hydraulic motorLower rolls hydraulic moveable up and down .

6. Perfectly complete pre-bending,rolled-up,roll calibrate .

7. Three rollers are powered .Working principle: two down rollers as main driving roller,or all three rollers as main driving roller,with upper roller fixed and two down rollers do up-and-town movement around one fixed center.Triple geared drive,low voltage driver,low current consumption and high efficiency.Well hydraulic control,displacement liquid-crystal display with accuracy+_0.1mm .

8. The two touch steel stick can permit the good finishing quality of asymmetric plate section bending .

9. Advanced and compact structure with full function.

10. Full function,complicated structure,high precision and very stronger.

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Channel beam bending machine
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Nantong Borisbang Industrial Technology (NBIT) rooted in Haian County of Jiangsu Province,China. The main production section bending machine. NBIT was founded in 2001 and has more than 17 years experience in this field.

Nantong Borisbang Industrial Technology (NBIT) is your specialist and technology partner for powerful and future-proof bending machines and bending solutions.Having a solid trained technical team with a wide range of quality Section Bending Machines, and On-Time Deliveries, we have been accumulating happy customers worldwide.

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