Four roller tube bending machine
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Four roller tube bending machine

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Four roller tube bending machine
Four roller tube bending machine

The four-axis angle roller machine has a shorter straight edge and a higher bending accuracy. The wider roller distances on both sides make the device more capable of bending larger diameters.

The hydraulic angle bending machine is equipped with a steel structure bed and eliminates stress. The three axes are driven by a hydraulic planetary reducer. The shaft is hardened and ground by a special high-strength steel material.

The CNC numerical control angle bending machine automatically corrects the machining data based on the measurement results, eliminating the material bounce that may affect the machining size. The servo technology is used and the mechanical structure is connected without gaps.

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It is an arc-shaped downward section bending machine. The two side rollers of the machine are the main drive rollers, and the three or four work rollers can also be the main drive roller.

The upper roller position is fixed, and the two side rollers arc around the fixed rotation center.

Line movement, hydraulic control, displacement liquid crystal display, is conducive to controlling the forming process of the profile.

There are high roller devices on both sides, which is conducive to ensure the quality of the asymmetric section profiles.

Four roll angle roller is divided into two types, flat bending and vertical bending, for bending flat steel, Fang Gang, round steel, angle steel, I steel, H steel, square tube, rectangular tube, circular pipe and other profiles. The four rollers are both active rollers and four independent hydraulic motors, which have high speed and high efficiency. Different moulds can be made according to the requirements of the user.

Four roll Angle Roller for the arc-cut profile bending machine, the machine's two side rolls for the main transmission roller, can also four work roll for the main transmission roller.

Also can four work roll main drive roll, the upper roll position is fixed, two side rolls revolve around because of the fixed turning center for the arc lift dynamic, the hydraulic control, the displacement liquid crystal display, is advantageous to the control profile forming process. Both sides have high support roller device, which is helpful to ensure the volume quality of asymmetrical profile.

Performance Characteristics:

Four roll angle roller is a more advanced profile molding equipment at home and abroad, the material can be finished in a pre bending, roll round and circle, the structure of advanced, full-featured, can be used in accordance with user status or lie, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, machinery manufacturing and other industries and the production of round flange.

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