Unequal angle bending machine
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Unequal angle bending machine


Unequal angle bending machine
Unequal angle bending machine
Angle Bending Machine Parameter List:
ModelToe InToe Out
Specification (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)Specification (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-1680 × 80 × 10100080 × 80 × 101500
W24S-45100 × 100 × 121200100 × 100 × 122000
W24S-75120 × 120 × 121500120 × 120 × 122000
W24S-140150 × 150 × 81500150 × 150 × 82500
W24S-180140 × 140 × 141800140 × 140 × 143000
W24S-250180 × 180 × 123000180 × 180 × 124000
W24S-320200 × 200 × 204000200 × 200 × 204500
W24S-400200 × 200 × 284000200 × 200 × 286000
W24S-500200 × 200 × 304500200 × 200 × 308000
W24S-600200 × 200 × 304500200 × 200 × 308000

Depending upon your unique project requirements, BIT serise tube bending machines may be performed on a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum,and  titanium.

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What Is Bending Angle?



Unequal angles are often used in tank stiffeners, matching flanges, curved lintels, hand rails, lagging rings, form work and fabricated roof trusses.

BIT serise angle bending machine has the ability to bend unusual steel angle rings solved the design engineering problems for the customer’s new products.

Angle bending machine Images:
steel angle bending
steel angle bending
steel angle bending
steel angle bending
steel angle bending
steel angle bending
How to Specify Unequal Angle Rings or Segments

When specifying how to roll an unequal-leg angle ring or segment, indicate whether the angle is rolled leg-in or leg-out and which leg is rolled leg-in or leg-out.

steel angle bending
Unequal angle bending

For example, a 100 x 30 angle could be rolled 100cm leg-in, 100cm leg-out, 30cm leg-in or 30cm inch leg-out.


Angles are bent into rings to create angle flanges, fan housings, tank supports, ladle lips, etc.In structural applications, angles are often used back-to-back to support roofs.

Angle steel segments are used in steering mechanisms for farm equipment.


Profile bending machine (Section bending machine) is used for volume bending angle steel, channel steel, I-beam. flat steel. Side steel. Round steel and so on. Efficient processing equipment for each profile. It can be circled at one time to correct the processing steps.


-section bending machine has three work rolls

-The roller used for partial bending is high tensile alloy steel, heat treated

-All welded steel frame with reasonable proportion and stress relief

- the number shows the position of the lower roller

- The three-roll double-pinch type uses one fixed roller and two movable rollers. The rolls are adjusted to bend the symmetrical or asymmetrical profile and pre-bend the ends of the workpiece in one pass. The bending distance (the distance between the contact points of the tangential lines of the rolls) increases as the diameter increases, thereby expanding the productivity of the machine.

-The guide roller is hydraulically driven and can be adjusted up and down

- Heat-treated and ground alloy steel shaft mounted on long-life grease-lubricated self-aligning spherical roller bearings

- with emergency stop button

- All motors have corresponding circuit breakers to prevent short circuits due to overcurrent

-All motors have corresponding thermal relays for overload protection

Application range:

The machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical, hydropower, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other fields.

W24S-140 Angle bending machine Video:

W24-140 Flange Bending Machine Process Video

W24-400 Flange Bending Machine Video

Angle bending machine Images:
Angle iron bender
W24S-140 Angle iron bender
Ring and angle roll bender machine
Ring and angle roll bender machine
Flange Bending Machine
W24S-140 Angle Bending Machine
Flange Bending Machine
W24S-400 Flange Bending Machine

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