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Operation rules of section bending machine - 2018 Ultimate Guide

Operation rules of section bending machine - 2018 Ultimate Guide

Preparation and inspection before use

Operation rules of section bending machine

Before using please read this note to understand the aircraft's technical performance and operational methods, in strict accordance with the safe operation of the system and in accordance with the requirements of Article Installation and commissioning of hydraulic angle bender machine to prepare the work, and then removal of roll profiles oxide, while grinding edge, bulldozing weld.

Safety and Protection

Using the Section bending machine, please pay great attention to the following safety matters.

Work overload is strictly prohibited.

The use of the process, if found to have irregular noise, the impact should be immediately stopped checking.

The use of the process, should always check that the transmission mechanism of the joints and maintain no loose, no damage.

Operation way

According to profile dimensions will be reduced to a certain height on both sides of roll.

The profiles will be processed and sent on both sides of the roller between the roller.

Process volume by round, until it meets the requirements date.

Main drive is stopped, lowered edge roller, may remove the workpiece.

Section bending machine lubrication

A reasonable machine lubrication is to reduce power consumption and increase machine life and effective measures to this, we must choose the right lubricants, to establish the necessary lubrication system.


The machine according to the work of cups were used lubricating oils, artificial fuel, lubricating oil tank focused on three ways.

Lubricant Selection

Artificial refueling Department, the use of calcium-based grease, oil cup lubrication points, the summer use of calcium-based # 2 grease, the winter using a # calcium-based grease.

Lubrication system and note

The user according to the specific situation of the Angle bender, load and operation of the establishment of a specific lubrication system.

The Section bending machine before starting the lubrication points must be sufficient oil supply.

The machine in a continuous working conditions, the oil cup oil in general 4 hours once a month in general lubricating the gears once.

Section bending machine washed once a year the whole lubrication system.