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Items should know before operating angle Bending Machine

Angle Bending Machine
Items should know before operating angle Bending Machine

        The Angle Bending Machine can finish the pre - bending, roll round and circle process of the profile, and the Angle Bending Machine has advanced structure and full function, which can be placed or laid on the basis of the user's use. The bending machine is widely used in the manufacture of all kinds of garden flanges in automobile, elevator, petroleum, chemical industry, steel structure, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

        What should operators know before they can operate jobs before they operate the profile bending machine? Let's get to know some of the things.

1, operators should wear work clothes, safety helmets and protective gloves. The braids of women workers should be put in the hat, and no dress, slippers or high-heeled shoes should be employed.

2, before starting and stopping, all the buttons of the electronic control system must be placed in the original position; check the handle (button) and the connection parts to be fastened well and reliably; there are no obstacles, limit devices and safety protection devices at the operating parts and the table.

3, check whether the lubrication points and the filling place are sufficient to supply oil; check the electronic control system is good, whether the grounding is proper; all fastening connections are not allowed to loose.

4, ensure that the equipment is well lubricated at any time, and all vulnerable parts should be replaced in time when they have excessive wear or loss of the original performance, and should be repaired in time if the parts are damaged.