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The use of the 2018 Ultimate Edition angle bending machine and routine maintenance

Maintenance method of angle bending machine
The use of the 2018 Ultimate Edition angle bending machine and routine maintenance

Angle bending machine is carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal material, a high efficiency rolling device made out of 320 6000mm diameter roll ring and flange. It has compact structure, small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no noise, easy installation and operation, simple operation, strong bearing capacity, long life, fast speed of winding, reliable product quality and so on.Regular maintenance and maintenance of profile bending machine:

angle bending machine

1. Check control box and power for air test, understand the Department of electronic technology limited and operation buttons.

2. Check the lubrication of the components and fix the fuel regularly.

3. In order to understand the limited technology, the feeding end can increase the auxiliary equipment according to the actual situation, and know how to use it.

4. Feed of every limit feed wheel must take a stable value, and strictly control can not be too large, especially in the 80 x 80 data, the feed quantity must be controlled within 6 mm, simple or damaged equipment, other than 80 x 80 of the material according to the actual situation of the appropriate increase the amount of feed screw.

5. When angle bending machine operation process should be timely finishing operations outside pressure wheel residue, dust, avoid the influence of limiting quality.

6. Do not place things and sundries around the work table and around the press, so as to avoid the safety.

7. When the angle bending machine is running, if the demand reversal is reversed, the speed switch should be reset for one minute and then the operation can be reversed.

The correct use of equipment, careful implementation of equipment maintenance, and compliance with safe operating procedures are necessary conditions to reduce equipment failure, extend equipment life, and ensure safe production. Therefore, operators and maintenance personnel must understand the structure, performance, and maintenance methods of the equipment. And operating procedures.

Do not start the motor until the fuel tank is not filled with oil.

Before use, check whether the oil in the tank is full. If it is insufficient, fill it to prevent the pump from emptying.

The hydraulic oil used in the equipment must be strictly filtered before it can be filled into the tank. The tank must be cleaned before loading. Generally, No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended. This equipment uses oil as the medium and must be cleaned of oil and equipment. Maintenance work to avoid blocking or oil leakage affect the use of results.

The fluid must be kept clean. The first time of use should not exceed two months. At the time of replacement, the filter and oil tank should be cleaned at the same time. Note that the filter can be washed in kerosene and cannot be scrubbed with a hard brush, such as oil. Deterioration, can still be used after filtration. Always check the device for lubrication if it is clogged.