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Paid attention to in the operation of angle bending machine

operation of angle bending machine
Paid attention to in the operation of angle bending machine

From the beginning of the BR400 Section Bending Machine to the domestic market, to date, we can divide the development process of the angle bending machine in China into two stages, namely, the simple section bending machine stage and the high-precision section bending machine stage. With the rapid development of angle bending machine, the development trend of angle bending machine is gradually toward numerical control and high-end. In the long run, it promotes the market development demand. The angle bending machine has become an indispensable industry in the development of industry, and it is a fast developing industry in the new industry.

Angle bending machine should pay attention to these points when it is bent:

1, Before starting angle bending machine, check whether the lubrication point and refueling place are adequately supplied with oil, check whether the electric control system is good, and whether the grounding is proper; there is no loosening phenomenon at all fastening connections.

2. First, fix the upper die, which is the center of the center of gravity and the pressure head on a straight line. The upper and lower die plane must match closely, the gap is even, and check the upper die has enough travel.

BR400 Section Bending Machine

3. Before the formal bending, it is necessary to check again whether the number and size of the workpiece are in conformity with the drawing, and whether the blank has a burr that affects the quality of the press. For large quantities of work, it is necessary to install the block that can adjust the position, and it is found that the position of the block should be adjusted in time.

4. Angle bending machine is forbidden to use the hand directly on the mold of the angle bending machine. For larger workpiece, it can be removed from the outside of the mold. For the workpiece less than the mold, it should be taken with the aid of other instruments.