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Section Bending Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Bending & Rolling

One of most commonly utilized materials is carbon steel, which is available in many grades to suit your unique project specifications. carbon steel bends in a variety of shapes including tubes, pipes, beams, bars, angles, channels, and other specialized shapes for many industries and applications:

Metal fabrication

Process equipment & storage tanks

Subsea & offshore equipment


Construction materials & architectural accents

Roofing supports

Commercial lighting

Boilers & HVAC


Aerospace products

Benefits of Carbon Steel for Bending

Additional advantages of carbon steel for pipe and tube bending include:

High tensile & compressive strength

Impact resistance

Shock & vibration resistance

Range of diameters & wall sizes

Flexible machinability

Recyclability & eco-friendliness

Cost effectiveness

Versatility (pliable or strong, depending upon the grade)

Durability & longevity

Tube Bending Sizes

Bending Steel Basics