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Section Bending Round Bar


The majoring of BIT Series Profile Bending Machine's round bar work has been for archiatectural applications and other assorted projects.

 Diameter (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)

Bending profiles flat bar

Bar materials can come in various shapes and sizes. BIT Series Profile Bending Machine can be ability to bend round bar, square bar and flat bar. All of these shapes are solid.

Bars can be bent with virtually every bending process we have available with our Section Bending Machine. For very tight radius bending you can utilize a draw bending process where you must be pull the material (draw the material) around a bend die matching the desired bend radius. For larger or sweeping radii you will utilize a roll bending process or plate roll.

BIT Series Profile Bending Machine can bend all types of bar including aluminum, stainless and carbon steel.

Bars are formed by either a cold drawn process or a hot drawn process. The different processes result in different material properties which are defined by local mills that are producing bars. Hot rolled bars are typically designated as A36 with a yield point (PSI) of 36,000 minimum. Cold rolled bars are typically designated as 1018 with a yield point (PSI) of 54,000 minimum.

Round bars can only be bent as one style (i.e. there is no strong axis or weak axis to bend against). BIT Series Section Bending Machine can ability to bend all mill produces sizes of square and round bars.

Bars are most commonly used for smaller manufactured parts and for industrial applications.